Facility Maintenance

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Facilities services keep facilities running, from top to bottom. They span all segments of facilities management, including the building itself, IT, landscape and property upkeep, emergency systems, and just about anything else incorporated into the building.No matter how hard or simple the task is, facilities services are important because they set the tone for the experience people have with their work environment.


To make facilities management simpler, facilities services break down into subgroups, depending on what they are and how they’re managed. There are two types of facilities services, hard services and soft services.Hard services pertain directly to the building itself. They’re inseparable from the building and typically considered capital expenditures. They often require specialized expertise to service and maintain, and are highly practical candidates for life cycle management. Some examples are heating,cooling,plumbing and plumbing fixture.They also work on lighting and electrical systems,mechanical systems outside of HVAC and last but not least they do emergency control systems like sprinklers.

With soft services they primarily improve the wellbeing of the people within facilities and allow them to make the most of their time in them. These services are less specialized, but still contracted because they’re often situational. It’s easier to form a partnership than execute these services in-house.


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