Day Porter Services

Our day porter services come with monthly quality and safety inspection services. 


Our Day Porter Services are best for all day on site staff.

Porters are responsible for ensuring your facility is clean and presentable to staff, tenants, and visitors during business hours.They perform basic cleaning and general maintenance tasks, including front lobby support, restroom restocks, and trash removal.Day porters mainly perform comprehensive cleaning and maintenance of public areas within facilities.The importance on getting day porter services are they improve facility appearance,  they keep a clean environment that can improve your business’s reputation,occupancy, and overall value.They maintain building safety.The cost efficiency with a day porter is that you might not need to hire a huge cleaning crew because a lot of the basic cleaning is already complete by the day porters.

Their services usually include so many things, a few are Inspecting, cleaning, and disinfecting common areas. Litter cleanup from daily use.Cleaning, mopping, and polishing floors.Cleaning off windows and glass doors. Of course vacuuming and even Event set up/post-event breakdown & clean-up, and respond to service calls. It might sound like janitorial cleaning to you but the two are different. Besides running errands within the facilities, a day porter is responsible for the cleaning surfaces and common areas like it was explained above.They usually don’t offer deep cleaning or cover the entire building. And on the other hand Janitorial services are typically performed after office hours or when the traffic is low.This gives janitors enough time to effectively and efficiently deep clean. With a reliable day porter service in your property or facility, you’ll never have to wait for the night cleaning crew to sort urgent issues after-the-fact.

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