Commercial Cleanroom Services

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Cleanroom is a space that is preordained to be kept to a certain level of cleanliness. These spaces are free of dust and other particles in the air or on surfaces and are held to a rigorous standard of cleanliness. Other organizations use cleanrooms to conduct experiments containing bacteria, viruses and microbial agents. For proper disinfection and continual upkeep of a cleanroom is important.Depending on the type of production or research being carried out, cleanrooms will typically be given an ISO rating that considers factors such as air filtration, test methods and more to set standards for how “clean” the cleanroom needs to be, and to determine what kind of pharmaceutical, electronic or other tests and production it’s suited for. Based on the functions a cleanroom is cleared for, the chemicals and techniques used to clean and sanitize it will vary.


When doing cleanroom cleaning services it works to remove pollutants, particles, and contaminants from outside ambient air. Outside air is first circulated to a filter system. The filters (either HEPA or ULPA) then clean and decontaminate this outside air according to their specifications. The filtered air is then forced into the cleanroom. Additionally, contaminated air within the cleanroom is forced outside the room by registers, or it is recirculated back into the filters, and the process restarts.You might be wondering who or what needs a clean room. Well there are a wide variety of reasons that a company/business may need a cleanroom. For example if you’re manufacturing something that is easily affected by contaminants or particles in the air, it’s likely that you’ll need a cleanroom. And here’s how you do a clean room cleaning service. Before starting janitorial staff must suit up in sterile gowns before entering the cleanroom.Then any large or visible trash should be swept into receptacles and disposed of properly. Disinfectants should be applied to counters, walls and floors and allowed to dry; a non-shedding cloth should be used for walls and counters and a sterile mop should be used for floors. Ventilation system grates should be disinfected as well, but internal components should not be accessed as some cleanroom ventilation systems are specially related to the function of the cleanroom


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