Why You Need Professional Warehouse Cleaning Services

Warehouse cleaning services

Warehouse cleaning is not as easy as it seems because you have to comply with OSHA standards.  The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is composed of industrial hygienists and commercial safety experts who can conduct unannounced inspections.

Without proper cleaning and sanitation, your warehouse can be a source of serious work issues. These may include product contamination that can cause serious health challenges to consumers, infestation,  a cause of fires and accidents, or health problems with workers. Thus, it is one of the most important services as your warehouse stores the lifeblood of your business. It houses your company’s product inventory.

As a lot of activities take place due to daily operations and inventory movement, many things can go wrong if your warehouse is not well-maintained. You thus need to hire professional warehouse cleaning services for increased efficiency and productivity in a safe and healthy work environment.

Why do you need a professional warehouse cleaning service?

Professional warehouse cleaning experts know what and where the most problematic pain points are.   Here are the reasons warehouse cleaning is crucial.

1) Workplace hygiene

  1. Aside from debris on the floor possibly causing major accidents, the heavy foot and equipment traffic can easily spread the most common disease-causing bacteria found on the floor.
  2. Warehouses generate a lot of waste, including e-waste, all of which need proper disposal. Neglecting the proper disposal can be hazardous, with the possibility of even causing fires or pest infestation.
  3. With the pandemic, it brought to our awareness the importance of keeping surfaces sanitized, as microorganisms such as the coronavirus can stay on surfaces for several days.
  4. Airconditioning and ventilation systems need regular cleaning. This minimizes the risk of circulating the causes of infections or allergies in the air. Air conditioning leaks can also start pest infestation since pests thrive in moisture.

2) Well-organized inventory

  1. Your inventory is in constant movement in a warehouse, and it can be a challenge to keep everything organized. When you maintain your warehouse in an orderly manner, it improves workers’ efficiency and productivity.
  2. Professional warehouse cleaners make sure you utilize precious warehouse space by using storage efficiently.

3) No more accidents

  1. The workers in a warehouse can meet accidents if the contents are not kept correctly.
  2. Some of the wastes may even be fire hazards and cause further accidents.

Warehouse janitorial company

4) Personalized services

  1. Every business is different and has a unique need or demand. Commercial cleaning companies should be able to adjust warehouse maintenance packages accordingly. One may have a warehouse that stores perishable goods and needs more frequent cleaning and sanitation. Its sanitation needs will be quite different from a warehouse for the storage of goods with lesser maintenance requirements.
  2. Warehouse maintenance packages must ideally be flexible according to the company budget without compromising the services.

When your warehouse is well-kept, a safe and pleasant work environment will boost the morale of the workers. This thereby increases productivity.

Make Your Warehouse  Work-Conducive and  OSHA-Compliant

Is your warehouse ready for an unannounced OSHA inspection? Is it a safe and healthy work environment?

JoncoWest is an expert commercial cleaning company for your warehouse cleaning needs. Get in touch with us now and get a safe and healthy working environment that is OSHA standards-compliant.