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About Joncowest

Commercial Cleaning Services Since 1969

We understand that a company may only be as strong as it products and or its team. Our team of skilled and efficient professionals are always trained. Trial proven, talented individuals with a passion for what we do.

40 + Years In Business

Joncowest is invested in all aspects of our client’s janitorial demands. Task is overseen by a premiere company of dedicated professionals ensuring prompt results.

Business to Business

We specialize in Business to Business service! To ensure round-the-clock service with experienced management. We have over 20 million square feet serviced. At Joncowest we’ve got you covered!


At Joncowest our services aren’t only services but solutions. We are here to help, to make better to improve every square inch of your business that we come in contact with. Joncowest is a clean solution provider. We intertwine technology, training, organization into our daily operations. Our solutions are designed from the ground up for our customers needs. Give us a call. Once you go Joncowest you never go back. 

Quality & Safety Inspection

What is the joncowest experience?

We make your business look good

Our work is the first thing your customers and employees see. How clean is your facility or business? Would you prefer the public to think ” I can clean better than that” or ” How do they keep it so clean” . You don’t have to answer that, we already know. Which is why we’ve crafted the Joncowest experience to make you look good. And to make your business look even better. How do we achieve these results? 

Professional Cleaners

We train, and we provide our staff with the resources to do not a good job but a great job. We care about our staff and aim to provide our employees with livable wages.

Team Work

We encourage strong team environments and understand that we are essentially a liaison between the expectations of our clients and the finished product.


We have a department dedicated to inspecting the quality of our clean. All of our clients are routinely inspected by our quality officers. Proving any additional training, safety training to onsite staff.

By The Book

We stay up to date with OSHA Standards for General Industry (29 CFR 1910) which includes Occupational Health and Environment Control as well as Hazardous Materials.

Join our Team

Let’s grow

At Joncowest you matter, we value our staff just as much as we value our customers. We are strong believers in teamwork. We have built our company around the idea that every person matters. Become one of Joncowest best. Apply today, and join a rewarding work culture.

Bridging the gap.

Minority and Female owned.

Do more by doing less. We do our Job so you don’t have to. By working with Joncowest your company can help bridge the gap by giving a opportunity  to a 100% Black owned 100% Female owned business. Not because we are minority owned but because we offer superior clean solutions to your business. Because Your Business is our Business.